The Who, What, Why

Organized Closet

 (If only my closet was actually this large…)

Who: I’m Kendall! I am a twenty-something accountant currently residing in Dallas, TX. I would define my style as classic, ladylike, a twist of trendy and pop of boho every now and then.

What: I’m starting a blog to share my adventure in simplifying my wardrobe, and ergo, simplifying my life.

Why: I have noticed recently that I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the morning tackling a typical girl problem of “What the heck do I wear today?” Inevitably, I spend nearly half an hour trying on outfit after outfit, then falling back to a few key pieces that I absolutely love. So my solution? Creating my own capsule-esque wardrobe. I got the inspiration from a blog found here. My rules will be different, and so will my style (post to follow); but, the overarching theme is the same… simplify my closet so I can better simplify my life. Because I truly believe that less is more.


Until next time,


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